Rafał Syska



Polish film historian, associate professor in the Audiovisual Arts Department, Jagiellonian Universit, Cracow. Author of numerous books and essays focused on analysis of contemporary cinema, phenomenon of film violence, slow cinema tendency as well as chosen aspects of American and European film history. So far he has published: Film and Violence. Ways of Film Violence Representation (2003), Keep the Distance. Film World of Robert Altman (2007), Poetry of Picture. Films of Theo Angelopoulos (2007), Cinematic Neomodernism (2014). He was also an editor of popular Film Dictionary (two editions: 2005 and 2010) and Film Adaptation of American Literature (2011), Internal Worlds of Jacques Rivette (2017). He co-edited also a numerous-volume books: Masters of American Cinema (2006-2013) and fundamental in Polish film studies History of Cinema (2009-).A grant holder of the Stanislaw Estreicher Foundation, „Polityka” Weekly Magazine, Foundation for Polish Science and The Kosciuszko Foundation. In 2012 a visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York. Creator and editor-in-chief of EKRANy. Film & Media magazine. In 2014 curator of the exhibition Stanley Kubrick in the National Museum in Cracow. Director of the National Centre for Film Culture since 2016.